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I've been thrown, beat, cut, claimed, fought over, and nearly killed. But hey, I'm still alive. There is a lot a girl can go through and it seems it is more that what most think. No one would know I'm being fought over by gangs or hunted by a murder just by looking at me. I seem to look innocent, and new, to most. That may be because I grew up in a small town and now I live in the forest. I work in a small barber shop and the owner was my costumer one day. That day he gave me the nickname of SongBird because I hide my face and I sing while I work. I can never look into a mirror for some reason but that doesn't bother me. I'm not like most girls who care about beauty. I just kinda ignore it. Though others see the beauty that I can't see. Hence why I am being fought overby gangs. I've never been in a gang before so it is new to me.